President’s Report

Barbara Ochampaugh, BSN, RN, CPAN

NYSPANA is an award-winning component of ASPAN. We have been recognized for Gold Leaf, Up to Par newsletter and Shining Star awards. San-dra Price from University of Rochester Medical Cen-ter is our NYSPANA Treasurer and received the ASPAN Excellence in Clinical Practice award for 2017. We have produced three ASPAN presidents: Maureen Iacono, Lisa Jeran and Sandra Barnes. Members serve on many committees at ASPAN, including Research. Maryanne Corolla was a past Region 4 Director.

As we begin another year in NYSPANA, we welcome two new presidents to the Board. Dan Elinskas from District 10 and Christine Angiolillo from District 13. Every District needs help in leadership and planning for perianesthesia programs. Without the support of our 834 members, the Board and Districts cannot continue to provide members educational programs and networking opportunities. This past year, we consolidated District 9 into the Syracuse, Rochester and Albany Districts. It was neces-sary due to the lack of members willing to serve on the local District Board. Take a few moments and reflect where you may be able to assist the organization.

Sue Alati, our State Treasurer had to resign for health reasons. The Board wishes her well on her journey to wellness. Sandy Price has assumed the dual role of Treasurer, as well as Interim Secretary. We are looking for an interested member to join the Board in the role of Secretary. The job entails attending two Board meetings a year, keeping the NYSPANA records and maintaining correspondence with members. The successor will be supported and mentored in any of the vacant positions within the State and local Districts.

The 2017 NYSPANA State Conference was held in New York City this past fall, 21st Century Nursing, Endless Possibilities. Thank you, Trina Mills the President of District 6, for a well thought out and successful conference. Everyone enjoyed the speakers, site seeing and networking. By attending conferences, both at the state and national level, opportunities to renew friendships and connect with colleagues to exchange ideas and problems await. The 2018 State Conference will be held in Syracuse on November 10th. We hope you will consider attending…more information to come at

Our Newsletter editor, Chris Deitrick will be retiring in the next year. We are seeking a talented, motivated individual, who would like to create an informative newsletter for our NYSPANA members. Visit our website for additional information or send an email to

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Ochampaugh, BSN, RN, CPAN NYSPANA President

Congratulations to the newly elected board members in 2017:

Research Chair –

Sherry Fieroh, MSN, RN, CAPA

Government Affairs –

Pamela Germinaro, BSN, RN

District 10 President –

Daniel Elinskas, MSN, RN, CAPA, CPAN

District 13 President –

Christine Angiolillo, RN, CPAN

Welcome to the NYSPANA Board!



Barbara Ochampaugh, BSN, RN, CPAN

Past / Vice President

Bronwyn Ship, BSN, RN, CPAN

Sandy Price Secretary

Sandra Price, MS, RN, CAPA

Sandy Price Treasurer

Sandra Price, MS, RN, CAPA

Government Affairs

Pamela Germinaro, BSN, RN


Research Chair

Sherry Fieroh


Tina Stoebe

District 1 President

Tina Stoebe, MS, RN, CPAN

District 14

District 6 President

If interested email NYSPANA


District 8 President

Pam Werner, RN

District 10 President

Dan Elinskas,  MSN, RN, CAPA, CPAN

district 13

District 13 President

Christine Angiolillo, RN, CPAN

District 14

District 14 President

If interested email NYSPANA

GAC . . . Government Affairs Committee

GAC is responsible to look at both state and federal issues that affect health care and nursing. ASPAN has GAC representatives and each state has a representative.

The state representative is appointed to their term by the NYSPANA President. It is their duty to review pending legislation and issues. This information is forwarded to District Presidents to share with members.

A summary of legislative issues or concerns is published in UP TO PAR.

The GAC representative attends the spring NYSNA legislative Day.

Our GAC Chair . . .

The new Governmental Affairs Committee Representative is Pamela Germinaro. Email:

Membership Info: Important Websites for Government Information

New York State Official Websites:

New York State Nurses Association:

ANA-New York

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