NYSPANA Scholarships

The following scholarships are available for all NYSPANA members. Qualifications for the scholarships can be found at www.NYSPANA.net.

Education Funding Plan: Funds granted are based on the number of applicants, availability of funds and the degree to which the program is related to perianesthesia nursing. Applicants are restricted to the total maximum of $250 per calendar year. Applicants may apply every other calendar year for funding. The application is due four weeks before the educational offering/certification/recertification. Email completed application to: nyspana@gmail.com.

Excellence in Clinical Practice Award: This award is for the NYSPANA nurse who exemplifies expert clinical skills and achievements in perianesthesia nursing nominated by a peer. The application is on the website and due March 1st. Email completed application to: nyspana@gmail.com.

NYSPANA RN Advanced Degree Scholarship: This scholarship application for $500 is due July 1st. The application is on the website and is intended for the NYSPANA nurse pursing an advanced degree in nursing. Email completed application to: nyspana@gmail.com

NYSPANA Student Nurse Scholarship: This $500.00 scholarship is for a nursing student who will be a senior in the fall. The application is on the web and is due July 1st. Email completed application to: nyspana@gmail.com.

Research/EBP Grant Scholarship: The application and criteria are found on the NYSPANA website. If awarded, a $500 research scholarship will be divided into three payments. The application is due June 1st. Email the completed application to the NYSPANA Research Chair: nyspana@gmail.com

Congratulations to the following NYSPANA Scholarship Winners: Debbie Fracassi, Christine Deitrick, Maureen Iacono, Cheryl Barnes, Polly Higley & Jo Ann Schiesser, Louise McGuire, Susan MyDosh, Tensin Kunsang, Linda Erikson & Korrin White