President’s Report

Sherry Fieroh MSN RN CAPA

Happy Sprinter- at least that is what it has been here in the mountains. Everything is blossoming but it was 34 degrees last night. It was especially difficult after getting to experience some warmth in Nashville for the ASPAN national conference!

This was my first time attending as a member of the Representative Assembly. It was interesting to see how NYSPANA and the other state components have a say in the workings of the organization. It was also exciting to participate in the election process. The choices were not easy to make- there were so many extremely qualified candidates. I am very pleased that our next President-Elect Elizabeth Card made the final runoff. Her energy and forward thinking will be a great addition to the organization. Our current President Amy Dooley is one of those very organized, get-it-done types who is ready to put the strength of Perianesthesia nursing to work this coming year. Be sure to read her column in the new issue of Breathline. She encourages us all to find our strengths and put them to good use in improving our practice.

Attending National is networking on steroids. I was so pleased to meet quite a few fellow New Yorkers. There is energy building to get District 6 organized again. This is important for our component as we have so many members in that NYC area and we want to share our resources to get educational opportunities for them. I was also able to touch base with other component leaders in Region 4. We are hoping to keep communications open so members are able to learn about events in other states nearby throughout the year.

I am happy to see an increasing interest in the grants, scholarships, and awards available through NYSPANA for our members. Be sure to check the website if you are not familiar with these. There are also opportunities at the national level that include help for those returning to school, attending conferences or participating in mission projects.

Belated congratulations to those who passed this spring exam and have become certified. It is great to see the hard work pay off. Remember it’s never too soon to start earning CEUs towards your recertification. There is a good article in Breathline on resources available through ASPAN. Remember if there are 5 or more of you, that the ASPAN Select option is a great way to bring some CEUs to your work group. You get up to 3 presentations on a jump drive to show on your own AV equipment on a set date. The next dates for requests are July 15th and October 15. This can also be used at a District event. Details are on the ASPAN website.

Finally, be sure to keep the Board up to date on happenings in your region so we can share your news and events. Items for the newsletter can be sent to myself – sjwraven@gmail or our current editor care of

Respectfully submitted,

Sherry Fieroh MSN RN CAPA NYSPANA President

Newly Elected Board Members:

President –

Sherry Fieroh, RN, CAPA

Past President –

Barbara Ochampaugh, BSN, RN, CPAN

Vice President –

Pam Werner, RN

Communication Officer –

Cynthia Lucieer, BSN, RN, CAPA

Regional IV Director –

Bronwyn Ship, BSN, RN, CPAN

Welcome to the NYSPANA Board!



Sherry Fieroh, RN, CAPA

Past President

Barbara Ochampaugh, BSN, RN, CPAN

Vice President

Pam Werner, RN

Sandy Price Secretary / Treasurer

Sandra Price, MS, RN, CAPA

Government Affairs

If interested email NYSPANA

Communication Officer

Cynthia Lucieer, BSN, RN, CAPA

Research Chair

Beth Weslow BSN RN

Newsletter Editor

Bronwyn Ship/Carol Maddalena


Tina Stoebe

District 1 President

Tina Stoebe, MS, RN, CPAN

District 6

District 6 President

If interested email NYSPANA


District 8 President

Pam Werner, RN

District 10 President

Korrin White RN

district 13

District 13 President

Christine Angiolillo, RN, CPAN

District 14

District 14 President

Kathi Peers, RN



Vice President  President-Elect




Up to Par Editor


Nominating Chair

District 6

President / Vice President / Treasurer / Secretary

District 13

Vice President

District 14

Vice President

GAC . . . Government Affairs Committee

GAC is responsible to look at both state and federal issues that affect health care and nursing. ASPAN has GAC representatives and each state has a representative.

The state representative is appointed to their term by the NYSPANA President. It is their duty to review pending legislation and issues. This information is forwarded to District Presidents to share with members.

A summary of legislative issues or concerns is published in UP TO PAR.

The GAC representative attends the spring NYSNA legislative Day.

Our GAC Chair . . .

The new Governmental Affairs Committee Representative is Pamela Germinaro. Email:

Membership Info: Important Websites for Government Information

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