President’s Report

Sherry Fieroh MSN RN CAPA

Presidents Message Dec 2019 –

I am hoping this edition of Up-to-Par finds you enjoying the busy Holiday Season. It is always a balancing act managing our busy lives at work with all the traditions and get-togethers. Remember to take a deep breath and find a few minutes each day to savor this wonderful time of year. I know I am getting out skiing and winter hiking! The Board and I send a big Thank You to Tina Stoebe and her hardworking District members for a very memorable state conference in Melville. It was a great day of learning and networking for all of us lucky enough to be able to attend. I especially enjoyed the incredible variety of topics- everything from holistic approaches to care to the most current techniques for stroke management. Events like this are what we are all about- getting re-energized about Perianesthesia nursing!

This coming year is sure to keep your e-mail current with ASPAN. We will be sending out announcements as dates for events and conferences available to you. If your District or nursing group has an event to publicize be sure to contact one of us on the Board and we will help get the word out across the state for you.

Now is the time to start planning for celebrating Perianesthesia Nurses week. This year it is February 3-9th, 2020.

Think about hosting a cake and coffee reception in your unit, put up some posters around the hospital, ask your boss to treat the staff that week or have a speaker event. There are other ideas and materials to check out on ASPAN’s website. Be sure to share photos of your celebration with us- we’d love to have them for the next newsletter. You can post them to the Facebook page or send them to a Board member. We are on the NYSPANA website.

This year I am sponsoring a President’s Challenge for PANAW. Any unit that reaches out to a nursing school will be entered into a drawing for 2 certificates for free tuition to the next state conference. This can be accomplished by having someone speak at a nursing school about Perianesthesia nursing, providing a scholarship to a nursing program ( it can be a small one), donating a textbook or simply providing a subscription to JOPAN for a school library. I am sure there are some other good ideas out there. Supporting the next generation of nurses is part of ASPAN’s mission. To be entered in the drawing send a short write up and a picture to me at by Feb 26th, 2020. Help send 2 nurses on your unit to Rochester this coming fall!

Another couple of thank yous to mention. One to members of District 6 in the New York City area for stepping up to revitalize our organization there. We are hoping to bring you a Spring event close to home. Also to Carol Maddalena for joining us as Secretary on the Board.

A last few reminders:

  • Print and share this newsletter with your colleagues. Amazing how many will pick it up and read it if it’s on the desk!
  • Check in on the ASPAN web now and then for new articles and information. Don’t hesitate to send in any clinical questions to them- they are a great source of help with difficult issues.
  • Check the NYSPANA website for scholarships and awards for this coming year.
  • Put in for time off for the Annual Conference in Denver now.

Happy Holidays –

Sherry Fieroh MSN RN CAPA NYSPANA President



Research Report November 2019

Research and evidence-based practice has a profound effect on the nursing care we provide every day. For those of us that are seasoned in the art of nursing, we can attest to the multitude of clinical practice changes that nursing research conducted by our perianesthesia colleagues that has led to the evidence-based approach that we provide promoting best outcomes for our patients every day. This research has also prepared nurses to adapt to an ever-changing health care environment and patient populations.

Did you know that NYSPANA offers funding for your research project? The application and criteria are found on the NYSPANA website under the Membership tab then under Forms. The NYSPANA Research/EBP grant of $500.00 per year and is available for all NYSPANA members seeking to conduct research that contributes to the advancement of perianesthesia nursing science and the improvement of patient care.

The grant will be awarded based on scientific merit, and the feasibility of completing the research project within one year. All projects must be related to and contribute to the growth of evidence-based perianesthesia nursing practice. If awarded, a $500 research scholarship will be divided into three payments. The application is due June 1st. Email the completed application to the NYSPANA Research Chair:

If you were not already aware, ASPAN has a Journal Club and ASPAN Forum to connect with your fellow ASPAN and NYSPANA members to discuss clinical practice questions, research inquiries, and certification resources. This is a great way to get ideas for your institutions for improving patient outcomes, patient and staff satisfaction, and professional development. Check it out and post a question to the group!

Respectfully Submitted,

Beth Weslow, BSN, RN, CMSRN

Newly Elected Board Members:

NYSPANA Secretary,

Carol Maddalena, RN

NYSPANA Research Chair,

Beth Weslow, BSN, RN

NYSPANA District 10 President,

Korrin White, BSN, RN

Newsletter Co-editor(s)

Bronwyn Ship, BSN, RN, CPAN, CAPA

Carol Maddalena, RN

Welcome to the NYSPANA Board!



Sherry Fieroh, RN, CAPA

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Barbara Ochampaugh, BSN, RN, CPAN


Sandra Price, MS, RN, CAPA


Carol Maddalena, RN

Government Affairs

If interested email NYSPANA

Communication Officer

Cynthia Lucieer, BSN, RN, CAPA

Research Chair

Beth Weslow BSN RN

Newsletter Co-editor(s)

 Bronwyn Ship, BSN, RN, CPAN, CAPA  & Carol Maddalena, RN


Tina Stoebe

District 1 President

Tina Stoebe, MS, RN, CPAN

District 6

District 6 President

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District 8 President

Pam Werner, RN

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Korrin White, BSN, RN

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GAC . . . Government Affairs Committee

GAC is responsible to look at both state and federal issues that affect health care and nursing. ASPAN has GAC representatives and each state has a representative.

The state representative is appointed to their term by the NYSPANA President. It is their duty to review pending legislation and issues. This information is forwarded to District Presidents to share with members.

A summary of legislative issues or concerns is published in UP TO PAR.

The GAC representative attends the spring NYSNA legislative Day.

Our GAC Chair . . .

The new Governmental Affairs Committee Representative is Pamela Germinaro. Email:

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